Friday, June 3, 2011

Day Four

Sadly my daily bout of writing yesterday was for assignments, but I'm still happy that it's my words. So today, day four, is an extra special compilation of writing. At least, the first part is! Today I interviewed a young lady who is busy in the arrangements for her first book deal - very exciting! The write up of this interview will be linked to you very shortly...

Today I've really struggled to put a few words down. First I was distracted by the TV, then searches for dream earrings on and now it's youtube's fault. Well, not really their fault, but these are the challenges I've faced. I feel awfully lazy today, so it's difficult not to sit in front of a screen of some sort and watch the pretty colours and drift into my own world.

So as I sit here staring at my rainbow coloured finger nails and look at the pile of work that I really need to make a dint in, I still feel like I could just float off into a cloud for the next few hours. However, that would not be productive! It's so hard to get things done on a routine basis when you're so prone to just doing whatever, whenever. It's a habit that I both love and hate. Actually, I have to admit, I'm leaning more towards hate. I barely get anything done, so it can't be a good thing! It now becomes a goal of mine, to at least get the things I need to done, no matter my strategy. (Organisational strategies just don't really work for me!) I'll make 50 cups of tea, crank the radio, fiddle about with everything on my desk or decide to crochet yet another hat, but I'm determined to make it happen. How else will I be successful? Further to that, I have to work for the next two days. It's not overly strenuous work, but it is work that requires my attention and presence and that I need to go if I like to get paid to support my fake-plug earring habit. Which I do.

So for now, I must be off to complete the tasks a-fore-mentioned. Until next time, smile your heart out for no better reason then you jus' can!


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