Monday, June 27, 2011

Christmas in July (In June) 2011

Myself, my husband and his parents celebrated our very first Christmas in July (In June) yesterday. It was different, but lovely. The weather is cooler, the shops aren't crowded and the time we spend together is about love and good times rather then presents and consumerism... although our gifts were quite awesome and the food was so amazing that we'll be eating fruit and water for the rest of the week to cleanse our bodies. While our two cats rival it out, we had a jolly day of simply laughing and enjoying each other's company and I spend my time viewing the world through my very snazzy new lense...

A polaroid 300! How beautiful and simply adorable and I cannot wait to fill my house space with a million teeny sized polaroid photos of all sorts of things that bring my inspiration. And talking of inspiration, I am full of it. My stories for the competitions are coming along well. I have story ideas for them all and now just have to get the ideas down on the page to start getting a true story happening from there. It's all coming along. Aside from those stories though, I have big plans for other creative aspects of my life. Watch this space to see more about them soon.

Until next time, sleep tight and Merry Christmas in July (In June)!


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