Thursday, October 7, 2010

Making changes, going green(er).

Lately I've been having more and more of a desire to do something greater then I already am; to make an even more (or less) impact to the environment in my life. It's a difficult and overly complicated thing, though, and I feel that not enough people understand the choices that me and my husband make.

So, to start I have taken the pledge to buy hand made. It feels good, and for a while I was quite afraid that I wouldn't be able to make it; after all, I did purchase three pairs of summer shorts from Big W just this week. However, if I am in the mindset of doubt, then how will I ever know if I can make it? I can make myself make it.

I Took The Handmade Pledge!

Perhaps there isn't enough care in the world for environmental impact. Perhaps the idea of modern lifestyles and things that are so easily accessible through packets and chain shops is more important to families nowa-days, but I'm not convinced and I'm not going to stop. Here's the next step in my life:

I, Siobhan-Marie, hereby pledge to the following commencing Friday 8th October, 2010:

1). I will not conform to social expectations of looks, consumption, values or beliefs.

2). I will not choose fashion over morals.

3). Everyday I will endeavour to reduce the output of waste from my home and anything I am involved in.

4). I will avoid unnecessary consumption including for wants. There is a reason they are not listed under necessity.

5). I will never stop caring.

For now, I am off to eat some roast pumpkin soup and craft away with recycled craft materials while tuning into a bit of Kavisha Mazzella. This afternoon should be lovely.


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