Monday, October 25, 2010

Where's your inner peace, dude?

I work hard every day to know that if something ever happened to me, I wouldn’t regret not telling someone I loved them or not doing something that I’d wanted to do. And it got me thinking. Generally, I am so happy with my life and the progress that I’m making through it and time and space that I wondered why this is so for me when I am aware of so many people that aren’t in the same position, or even close to being happy with their lives. So here are the reasons I’ve come up with for me, and maybe you can have a crack at seeing what might work for you:

1. No matter how difficult it is, tell people you love them when you have the chance to. You hear many stories of people who missed the chance for reconciliation with people in their lives (or not in their lives for that matter) and you don’t want to be one of those people wishing you’d said something. Tell them through being thoughtful; remember special days, what’s important to them why they’re special in your life. It’s more then words, it’s presence. It’s care. It’s saying you love them with your entire heart and soul. So, tell people. Tell everyone. Over-tell them. Make them sick of hearing how much you love them, but make sure you tell them because they’ll know.

2. Don’t rely on others to make you happy. It’s a difficult point at first, however after taking an in-depth journey into Miguel Ruiz’s “The Mastery of Love” you discover an inner peace that when you know the love you give for yourself and others comes from within your being and your happiness, you give people the opportunity to give love back or share their love in the same way, but it doesn’t affect you in a way that if they do not respond. You do not loose the love you gave, because it’s inside you. It does not compromise the happiness you have, because it comes from inside you. Without the stress and reliance on others you have control of your life and where you choose to lead it. I like to describe it like I am happy, and it’s the kind of heart-warming happiness that I wake up to a new day and I’m just happy that it’s there and I’m there too. I give out my love to the day as I go along… and when someone responds in a negative way, it doesn’t suppress the love that I have given out; it’s still there for people to accept as they will. However when someone responds back with love they share with me, it warms my heart even more. It enlightens my entire body and allows me more love to share. It’s a good read.

3. Give with your soul. There isn’t much more explanation to this. When someone needs help, offer your help. Or better still, offer your help before someone is in such a need as to ask. Give without expectation, because giving to people is the best thing that you can do with your happiness and love.

4. Life isn’t about things. But I must admit I have a few things of my own. And they are very special to me, and I appreciate them so much because they are my own. I look after my things, I share my things when others need things, and I am happy to take responsibility for my things. I think my love for the things I have really helps, and knowing that they are just ‘things’ ensures me there is more then things to life, even though I have a few things of my own. Love your things.

Life is about people and it’s the peoples’ needs that make life special. Tell those people you love them. It’s also that not just people have life, but everything that you can see, touch, feel – has a story and a journey themselves. Make yourself happy on the inside and share that happiness with the world.

Give with your soul.
Love your things.
Live purely.


Nandie-Rae said...

i agree with the first one (haven't read the rest yet).
I always tell people i love them, especially Ben. I would hate for something to happen to him without me saying i love him before he left. I never want him to leave the house if we haven't settled an argument too. I would torture myself forever if something like that happened.

Nandie-Rae said...

number 3 is great too. some people are too proud to ask for help as well, so asking when you feel they need it can sometimes be a blessing in disguise.