Friday, October 15, 2010

Things about me.

1. I didn't get to kiss my husband on our wedding day, because I was sick.

2. I believe that bad grammar and over use of symbols, even on facebook, is absolutely rude. Intentional bad use is a different story, however not anyone can just do this and I can tell the difference.

3. I cannot stand how everyone thinks they are all random.

4. I don't expect people to try and debate my beliefs when I do get up the courage to share them.

5. I like the radio ads for McDonalds and a little ashamed to admit that I like Katy Perry.

6. In 2004 I was awarded the Perry Irwin Leadership Memorial award and it means the world to me.

7. I have a new found love in the art of crochet.

8. My life goal, would be to live without money.

9. I have a birth mark on my right leg.

10. I have had my nose pierced three times in the same place.

11. I heaps miss my cat.

12. I am very impulsive.

13. I was most certainly born in the wrong year.

14. I have around 20 penpals; both hand written snail mail and email.

15. I am a little bit obsessed about how mess should be organised.

16. The best ever Christmas movie, is Scrooge.

17. Benarkin SS was the best school.

18. Numbers I like are 1 and 21.

19. I hate pet stores.

20. I love bows, ruffles and all the little wonders you can find in thrift stores.

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