Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Love monkey and Rumi.

While waiting for an appointment in lovely Southbank the other day, mum and I decided to explore a little part of the lovely area, where we soon found an amazing book shop and cafe. Reading tales of love monkey and rumi, mum and I enjoyed a cup of tea and the laid back environment.

Our day was filled with little snippets in time, particularly the awkward moment when a young man goes to enter the mens toilet that you are occupying because the ladies is taken while your mum is guarding the door because the lock doesn't work... needless to say we couldn't go back to use those toilets for the rest of that day.

Sitting in the book shop cafe with rain clouds looming in the afternoon sky, I listened to Lisa Loeb and The Avett brothers while indulging in a lemon meringue and soy milk chai latte and I patiently waited for my mum to finish her acupuncture session (to which I later discovered she fell asleep and left me waiting for and hour longer then I had expected). Thinking to myself that I always need to remember to bring a notepad with me so I don't need to scribble down my life's most beautiful moments on a pad of sticky notes I found in the bottom of my bag.

All in a days work, and a beautiful day at that.

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