Monday, August 23, 2010

It's life.

Hello all!

Although I have not had a great deal of new posts lately, I have been working my creative mind like crazy. In the last few weeks I have learnt to knit a button hole, a baby booty and a hat, and have just opened my very own online shop. Please do visit:

It's been an exciting few days full of wonderful job prospects (of which I am eagerly awaiting replies hopefully asking to interview me and not for me to leave them alone), lovely baked goods including a great amount of cookies, both choc chip and smarty-filled, made my first Sheppard' pie and the excitement of this time of year when spring is starting to peek through the winter crisp and each day is inspiring for the simple fact that we are blessed enough to have such a wonderful country to be in.

Unfortunately it's just a quick stop in tonight, I am pumped with excitement of having a lovely online shop, and thus, I must go and make some pretties to put in it. Promise to stop by more often!

Sending love.



Nandie-Rae said...

you are so talented!!!

Do you make the lentil pie??

<3 you to bits xoxox

Siobhan-Marie said...

Hey Nandie-pie! I was surprised to see a comment! :)

I made a meat mince shephards pie for Troy and his friends that were here, so no lentils, but I will consider it for the future, yes!

Nandie-Rae said...

yes, next time! its as good a mince one (well i think anyway) But you do need to add some sauce on it otherwise its a bit plain :p