Thursday, August 5, 2010

Fraggle Friday.

So a recently play on words has lead to believe that 'why not, apricot' is a better title for my little blog then dear old 'oddly red'. I like it, I think I'll keep it.

A few of the other words that I have deemed cute beyond cuteness include: 'oopsies', 'finks', 'doody', 'wizzle' and 'squee'. This little exercise has helped me to rekindle a bit of love that I knew I had with words... and now it's back.

I've not had a terribly great day - having slept in many hours past the time I needed to get up and prepare myself for a wonderful opportunity to get into my writing career.

I trekked out to the local mall (by bus) wearing my summer sandals, which to my dismay have decided that since I have not worn them for the last 3 months that they would give me blisters. It wasn't nice.

While I was waiting it up at the bus stop a thought occurred to me that I'd had more then much reckless drivers annoy me so much, that I often think about what it'd be like to jump out in front of their cars while their speeding or on their phones, just to scare the utter crap out of them. Is that an insane thought? Perhaps.

As I stumbled to the post office and sent off the second assignment for this study period, I actually felt good about where I was and what my thoughts on the future were. I hope I can keep it up.

So, to help me keep it up, I have decided to write my biography. It's something I imagine someone reading on Wikipedia one day, or maybe it will eventuate into a book. What I remember, the things I like and don't like and all the things in between. I guess sometimes you need convincing that you are a good person and this just might be the way for me to do that. I think it will help keep me grounded, perhaps even keep me on the borderline of sane.

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