Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Cleaners at risk

Cleaners at Myer Centre were recently verbally abused by a member of centre management staff to the point where they felt intimidated. One of those cleaners concerned feels she can no longer work there as a result and has found alternative employment.

When questioned as to what they were doing to ensure a safe workplace, Colonial First State Property Management (CFSPM) the employer of the satff member in question, contended that they'd performe a thorough investigation which had turned out to be 'inconclusive', and therefore felt they could close the matter.

The LHMU, the union representing property services workers - cleaners and security guards - at the Myer centre, subsequently ascertained that CFSPM did not even speak to a single cleaner in the course of their "thorough investigation'.

It was only on the insistence of the union that the investigation was reopened, and cleaners were given a chance to have their say. Even though the cleaners maintain that the verbal abuse took place, and that this incident was not the only occurrence, CFSPM still contend that the evidence is 'inconclusive', and that the matter should be closed.

Would you settle for this in your workplace?

What would have happened in the boot were on the other foot, and a cleaner had abused a member of centre management?

Support the right of property services workers to have a safe workplace, free from intimidation! Send an email supporting cleaners' rights at work to Coloinal First State Property Management at: and Cc the cleaners at:


I've certainly sent in my response and have pasted that below too - because I fully believe in equity in the workplace and believe this is unacceptable. Support the cause for fair work environments!


To whom it may concern,

My name is Siobhan and I was recently handed a flyer in Queens ST, Brisbane earlier today stating the words 'Cleaner's at Risk' by a group of people banging bins and making noise.

After a closer inspection I further read that "cleaners at the Myer centre were recently abused by a member of centre management staff to the point where they felt intimidated". It was obvious that they were outraged at this mistreatment and were seeking the assistance of the general public to seek fairer treatment for the cleaners of Myers.

I absolutely agree with their statement and quest for equality - especially in an industry created by the arrogance of others that someone else must pick up after them. The cleaners are valuable and integral in contributing towards the beauty of Queen ST, not to mention are people themselves who deserve respect and fair treatment.

I full support them.

Kind regards,


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