Saturday, April 4, 2009

Be bothered...

Last night I stayed up late to bake some fair trade chocolate cookies for Easter gifts for all my loved ones, and it was really fun! I was thinking to myself that I could just have not done anything, seeing as I didn't have the funds to purchase easter eggs let alone fair trade eggs, but I didn't. I decided to home bake some goodies and had fun, and am very proud with the outcome and hope my friends and family will be too!

It made me think about all those things that we do or don't do because we "can't be bothered"? Why not be bothered? Would you be happy with your life if you looked back to only see moments missed by 'can't be bothered' to do anything or try anything new?

Be bothered, I do say. Why not? Go out into the world with a positive attitude and be bothered to do things, try things, be the person you want to be and experience the world at your doorstep. Don't miss a chance because you can't be bothered - it's a general waste of life not to take advantage of the opportunities out there!

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