Tuesday, May 31, 2011

National Young Writers Month

So the count down is on. There's only 1 hour and 25 minutes until National Young Writers Month (NYWM) begins, and it's a challenge that I'm thoroughly looking forward to.

As a hopeful writer, I usually find myself with a million ideas that just hang about. Occasionally, I'll write up a blog post or a short story and I get a feeling of satisfaction for actually doing something, but it really doesn't go much further then that.

This is probably the same story for alot of wannabe writers out there - it's alot of work to really get the motivation pumping. So this is where NYWM comes into play. I guess as a collective, if we're all writing together, perhaps we'll fuel each other's inspiration wheels!

I'm setting my goals:
1).Daily blogging/writing.
2). Enter a poetry competition.
3). Finish my short story, "The Isaac".
4). Activism - take written action for causes that need written support; letters, petitions, etc

Now to help me remember these are my goals, I've found this revolutionary thing called a pinboard, and have each goal scribbled on a sticky note and pinned right up, in bright colours, so I can see, each and every day when I enter my home office. (I totally told you I have a home office setup now, didn't I?!)

Until tomorrow, au revoir!


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